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Relevant Traffic?

In this modern era where everything has become digitalized, doing Business without Market Network means making the food without salt and we should not feel amazed if the business strategy or generation of leads shall only be revolved around Digital Network. We have two options to generate the leads in abundance First One is Search Network (Google & Bing) & Second One is Display Network (Facebook & Linkedin). Statistically, Traffic on your website or landing Pages called "Relevant traffic" if CONVERSION RATE is 10-15 % in totality (Number of total conversion divided by the overall traffic lands up on your Landing pages or website)  and BOUNCE RATE is less than 30-50% ( it refers to the percentage of those people who land up on your website and without even looking at the page they moves on),  . 
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"WOW" Aura?

One of the difficult tasks in this competitive world is sustainability. We have many examples where businesses have achieved heights but couldn’t sustain the top position because they were monotonous in their approach. Here we are, to break the shackles of old orthodox methods and to give something very new and fresh to your business. This will not only provide the culmination level but also strengthens the sustainability part. Our main motive is to provide the best tool so that no competitor of yours will ever give you a thought of threat and to implement this we have a team of professional (CA/CS) which is very much capable of gauging the market condition and product analysis. After profound work and research, our team of experts will create an Awesome AURA which will help you to achieve what you ever wanted to. This aura will increase your business by multiple times and it will be so eye catchy that “no one can see just once”

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Lead Booster Applications?

Let’s understand this with the metaphor “Icing on the Cake”. Didn’t you get it? Don’t worry here is the answer: What if we say your marketing aura is perfect but we can add something and it will multiply your business. Don’t you feel like icing on the Cake now?. Yeah, that’s what we wanted you to feel. We work on the Principle that “The biggest room in this world is the room for improvement” and lead booster applications will suffice this purpose with an ease. This will also reduce your “Bounce rate” and will make people stay for a longer time on your website or landing page.

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Why Your Website Not Generating Leads

Irresistible Call to Action

This is where we've seen so many sales pieces fizzle out. The call to action isn’t strong enough or clear enough to clinch the sale, which means you could be wasting a ton of money and missing out on the sales you need to build your business.

Video Tutorials 

BILL GATES SAYS "CONTENT IS KING" and Content in the shape of a video far ahead from any other format of content. if you are looking to attract high quality leads to improve your conversion rates, use video to its full potential in order to connect to your target audience.

Mobile Friendly

23% Leads from Mobile devices. 'Have a mobile friendly site or lose rankings' says Google. Google’s new search algorithm which will greatly preference websites that are responsive or have a mobile version. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, then you will start to see a drop in your rankings.

Compelling Story

The content on most websites was boring and factual, just a profile of monotonous company information. Today, the content on websites that work looks very different indeed. Readers won’t settle for that anymore. It isn’t interesting. It isn’t compelling. Facts don’t stir emotions and encourage people to take action. Facts don’t sell until people look to rationalize the buying decision they’ve made at an emotional level. That’s why you need to transform your website into a story.

Landing Page

84% Visitor convert in the first visit, it will require highly focused landing pages, usually built for a very specific product or service. Landing Pages must be interesting, beautifully designed with good and specific content. Unfortunately, most websites are not built by web designers with marketing skills. This results in poorly optimized and loosely themed pages that don’t commit to any one thing.

Social Media

“With a projected 25% annual growth over the next 5 years, it’s time to invest in social media.” Social Media Today argue that the purpose of social media marketing is to build a brand and increase a brand’s visibility.
Myths of Lead Generation

Generating Leads is an Art, Not a Science

Inbound leads is a science and not an art, you can be in control of creating that flow of leads predictably and with significant confidence knowing that it you “push the right buttons and pull the right levers” then the leads must flow. Simply follow the formula and the results will follow because it’s a proven science and is not based on some random act of marketing genius.

Customers Engage with Famous Brand Only

it may sound sensible in today’s brand-conscious market, do people really worry about the brand of what they buy? Most of the time, all they care about is whether this is cheap enough and good enough to solve the need at hand. If your business can provide something like that, then you can be sure that your customers really will come​.

Creating Unique Landing Pages is a Waste of Time

According to 2013 survey, companies with 30+ landing pages generated 7 times more leads than companies with 1 to 5 landing pages. Meanwhile, companies with 40+ landing pages generated 12 times more leads than those with 1 to 5 landing pages. Clearly, landing pages and lead generation go hand in hand.​

Require Free Trials or Free Stuff

Yes and no. Modern lead generation techniques are increasingly dependent on a company’s willingness to give. But that doesn’t mean giving away your product for free, or even giving away anything that would otherwise cost you money. Rather, it means you are willing to give free help and value, start to create relationships with potential purchasers. Over time, the relationship can and will mature, and your product will be the first and most obvious choice.

No One Click on PPC Ads

This one is simply not true! Google continues to report a consistent increase in revenue generated by PPC Ads. The fact that these ads are generating so much revenue clearly indicates that they are being clicked on. In more generalized searches, people are unlikely to click on a PPC ad. However, when searching for a specific product or service, PPC ads have a very high click-through rates.

Require huge Sales Team to Manage New Relationships

There are exactly 1.2 million marketing automation tools available for businesses of all shapes and sizes. This is not to imply that salespeople can be replaced by technology — but with marketing automation tools, a lot of a traditional salesperson’s work can be automated, leaving them to focus solely on the most valuable aspects of their job.
FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)
Am I Bind into a Long Contract?

No binding of contract on either of the parties as we only develop the mechanism i.e. the model for a generation of leads and creation of marketing aura and after that it will all be yours.
Do you offer Exclusive Leads?

Yes, leads will be purely of exclusive nature as the generation of leads will be through the mechanism which would be targeting your specific products/services.
What if I Receive Poor Quality Leads?

This is impossible as the generation of leads will entirely depend on the marketing aura, in any case, if it happens we will again have to optimize the relevant traffic mechanism.
How do I Receive the Leads?

Initially you will get the leads via mail till the time of you get your account to operate and there after you can have access over your account and leads in marketing automation software on cloud
Can I Cap on the Lead Generation Per Week?

Yes, there is always an option, you get the leads as per your set budget.Moreover, you also have an option to start/stop at any point in time.
Is there a Free Trial Service Available?

No, we are here to create the AURA of your business module and optimize the relevant traffic.

Why should I Try you Instead of Digital Marketeer?

The Concept of lead generation based out on our successful module and it has been developed after the numerous of experiments.Moreover, we have a team of professionals (CA/CS) which is very much capable of gauging the market condition and product analysis that indicates successful journey we had in past 11 years.
Is there a Focus on Specific Product and Services?

Yes, initially our team of experts does a thorough study of the product/ services offered by you and if we feel that this is viable we take up the product/services.


What Our Clients Says.....

I would like to thank Mr. Gopal Kala as I being from a small town didn't know much about the marketing tactics and wasted heap of money to gain the competitive advantage in the market then I met the man to whom I owe my life because he saved me from the where I could jump off anywhere. My wishes with this man and with his Company Neusource Startups and they are going to be on top in a couple of years.

Rajeev Bahuguna

Director, Garhwal Tiffins & Meals Private Limited

I would like to thank Neusource Startups for helping me to achieve new heights in my business. A few Months Back I approached Mr. Hemant Gupta as I was facing some hindrances and feeling stuck in my business. Once I thought of giving up because after putting all my endeavor I couldn’t pass through the Stagnation level but after having discussion finally I decided to give them an assignment for creating my marketing aura and here I am, enjoying the three times growth.

Deepak Mittal

Director, La Vita Services Private Limited

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